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Richie Gaona, is a fourth-generation circus performer and stuntman. After debuting with his performing family, The Flying Gaonas,

at the age of five he has traveled the world working with circuses such as Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, Circus Knie and  The Big Apple Circus to name a few. And he also trained celebrities on CIRCUS OF THE STARS for 7 years.

With over 45 years of experience Richie can train you in the art of flying trapeze, stationary trapeze, bungee trapeze, walking the high wire, trampoline and much more.

I am please to announce that on September 18, 2013 I was inducted into the World Acrobatics Society Gallery Of Legends Hall Of Fame. It was a tremendous event with acrobatic performers from all acrobatic sports being recognized, divers, skiers,professional performers, Hollywood stunt people and circus entertainers.


Our Instructors

Richie Gaona 

He has over 45 years of experience training people in the art of flying trapeze, stationary trapeze, bungee trapeze and trampoline. He led team-building seminars, hosted camps for children with cancer and worked with Sober College in Los Angeles to help recovering alcoholics regain a sense of control over their lives. He was  inducted into the World Acrobatics Society Gallery Of Legends-Hall Of Fame 2013


Alex Gaona is a trapeze artist, trapeze catcher and stuntman. He took his first swing on the flying trapeze at the age of two. Alex earned a reputation in the circus and trapeze world as a professional and safe catcher. He coached trapeze staff around the world to correctly pull safety lines and follow safety procedures while operating their own trapeze rigs and has trained many other catchers. His coaching style is encouraging and empowering. 

Gaonas Trapeze

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Gaona's Trapeze Workshop utilizes this aerial art for recreational enjoyment, healthful living, physical conditioning, team building, improving self-confidence, overcoming fear, working with trust and anxiety issues and other therapeutic benefits, and many other areas. It has gained world-wide acclaim as a safe but challenging mode of exercise that’s suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages. Gaona’s Trapeze Workshop has regular fliers as young as 8 and as old as 80.

More exciting than yoga, Pilates or weight training, much safer than skateboarding or skiing, flying trapeze allows the student to progress at their own pace but at the same time feel part of a team. The safety equipment allows the flyer to (mostly!) put the fear of falling behind them and concentrate on the commands from the coach, all the while being cheered on by the other participants. It’s perfect for groups of like-minded friends who want to try something new together and has become a favorite activity for bachelor/ bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.



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Come train with us and learn to Fly on the trapeze, walk a high wire, or learn circus acrobatic skills!

 No experience is necessary. You can take a single lesson or sign up classes. Classes are ongoing, so you can begin at anytime. Our classes are unique, exciting and challenging. 

How Safe is the Trapeze?

Very safe. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff works with each individual to provide competent and thorough instruction while maintaining a safe environment for everyone. 

While flying, you are on a belay rope at all times, from the moment you set foot on the ladder, until you return to the ground from the net. 



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